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Caring For Your Pet Bird

Preventative care saves money & improves pet comfort for your feathery friends in Phoenix. 

Routine Bird Care (Parrots)

  • Vet Exam Every Year

  • Basic Testing

  • Pellet Diet (80%)

  • Foraging & Flying

  • Positive Reinforcement 

  • Grooming every 3-4 months

Signs of a Very Sick Bird

  • Fluffed

  • Less active or weak

  • Less stools in droppings

  • Breathing hard


Psittacosis (Chlamydiosis) 

  • Respiratory or Intestinal signs

  • Test after purchase of if sick

  • Flu-like symptoms in people

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New Bird?

Keep separate in quarantine until examined by a veterinarian and tested for contagious diseases.

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