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Comprehensive Pet Dental Care from our Phoenix Veterinarians

Regular pet dental care is an essential part of responsible pet ownership and we recommend that a dental exam is included as part of your pet's regular wellness care. Proper oral hygiene can help your pet avoid the pain and discomfort caused by gum disease, cavities, and tartar build-up. North Central Animal Hospital offers comprehensive dental care for our pet patients as part of our overall wellness care.

Veterinarian and pet owner brushing dogs teeth

Many of our pet owners are reluctant for their pet to undergo anesthesia, and we understand those concerns. The short-acting anesthesia that we administer during the cleaning helps your pet to avoid the stress that can come with the procedure. Our Phoenix veterinarians are here to discuss any concerns and answer any questions that you may have.

Pet Dental Cleanings and Exams

If you have noticed that your pet has unusually bad breath, or they appear to be in discomfort when eating, they may be suffering from a dental issue. Similar to humans, when a pet's teeth are not properly cared for, plaque and tartar can build up and cause serious issues, including the gum disease, periodontitis. Regular teeth brushing is the first step in good pet dental care. Additionally, they should be seen for regular cleanings in order to avoid plaque build-up at the gum line.

Our pet teeth cleanings are typically conducted while your pet is under a short-lasting anesthesia in order to decrease the distress that they may experience. We will conduct a full workup, including blood work, to ensure that they are healthy enough to undergo the procedure and avoid any complications. The ultrasonic equipment that we use allows us to perform the exam and cleaning in a shortened timeframe.

During the procedure, our vet will also clean any gingival pockets on the gums and remove any broken or loose teeth. We will scrape off the plaque that has become lodged on the teeth and gums and check their mouth for any sores or abnormalities. If it has been a while since your pet's most recent cleaning, we highly recommend that you set up an appointment today. Keeping up with your pet's oral care on a regular basis can help to decrease the chances of a more serious gum or mouth condition from developing. 

Is Your Pet in Need of a Dental Exam or Pet Oral Care? Call North Central Animal Hospital Today in Phoenix, AZ

Your pet's teeth require active care, just like yours. At North Central Animal Hospital we can address all of your pet dental needs. Call us today at (602) 395-9773 to schedule your pet's dental exam with our Phoenix veterinarians. We are conveniently located at 20 West Dunlap Avenue in Phoenix.


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