Advice For Dog Owners

Tips for First-Time Dog Owners

Finally, the day to take your dog home is here. You must have prepared enough to give your new furry friend the home he or she deserves and the love and care of a parent. However, we are not going to sugar coat it, being a dog parent is a whole new level of commitment that comes with discipline and responsibilities. That little ball of fur needs care, entertainment, nutrition, and love. You have to learn and adapt fast as a pet parent to provide everything your dog needs. Here are some essential tips for first-time dog owners from North Central Animal Hospital in Phoenix.


Provide Sufficient Training

For a long-lasting healthy and happy relationship with your dog, you need to invest your time in proper training from the day your four-legged friend gets home. You also need to learn how to handle the training without psychologically, emotionally, and physically hurting your pet. Just like us, dogs need care and love. They find guidance from a leader or a master who they trust. Therefore, take charge as your dog's leader and train your pup how to behave.

Be the Care Provider Your Dog Needs

As a pet owner, you will have similar responsibilities as those of a real human parent. You need to organize medical visits, training, vaccinations, and exercise. You also have to figure out what to feed your pet, the amount of food to give, how much exercise is needed, what toys to buy, and when to play together. Your dog needs the love and care of a parent. You will need to create time to play, bond, and have fun together.

Find a Good Vet for Your Dog

It is essential to register your pet with a certified animal hospital and find a veterinarian for all your dog's check-ups. Since you are still trying to gain trust from your pet, we recommend sticking to one veterinarian for your pet to establish bonding and trust in the new addition in their life. On your first visit, have a list of questions to ask your vet, including when to make the next visit. If you are still unsure about your dog's diet, you can also use the opportunity to enquire about food.

Spaying, Neutering, and Vaccinations

While it is not mandatory, it is an excellent idea to have your dog neutered or spayed before nine months to prevent cancer and unwanted pregnancies. If you bought your dog from a certified breeder, there is a possibility they may have had their initial vaccines. Dogs need booster vaccines until at least 16 weeks of age. If you are not sure about it, feel free to share this with your vet.

North Central Animal Hospital in Phoenix Can Help

We are a big family and big fans of pets. We would like to see them happy, healthy, and full of life. We hope that these few tips for first-time dog owners will go a long way towards the creation of a lifetime bond with your dog. If you have any concerns about how to handle your new furry friend, call us at (602) 395-9773, and we will be glad to help!


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