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Quality Bird and Exotic Animal Care in Phoenix

Our birds and exotic animals are our pride and joy.  They deserve only the best care and that can be found at North Central Animal Hospital in Phoenix.  Whether coming in for preventative care or because something is wrong, our team will take good care of you and your pet.

Quality Bird and Exotic Animal Care in Phoenix


It is very important to learn about owning a bird before purchasing one.  There are many issues specific to birds that can arise and it is best to call right away if you have any concerns.  If you notice any feather problems give us a call.  Feather loss or damaged feathers can be a sign of vitamin A deficiency, an abnormal molt, or a variety of other causes.  Bird grooming is very important to feather health.  Most birds will do a great job on their own, but they may need a little help from you. 

Also talk to us about beak trimming.  Unfortunately, pet birds may not have the opportunities to wear down their beaks on their own like they do in the wild.  Several conditions can also cause beak problems.  It can also be a concern if a beak grows abnormally because of liver disease.

Other problems that may occur with pet birds are egg binding, weak eggs, or cloacal prolapse.  Call us right away if you notice anything out of the ordinary or have questions about bird grooming.


Owning exotic animals is truly an adventure.  Sometimes it can be frustrating because many animal hospitals do not have much experience with these types of animals.  Rest assured that our staff is well-versed in many exotic animals.  We can diagnose eye diseases, allergies, arthritis, prolapse, improper organ function, weak eggs, damaged eggs, and a variety of other conditions.  Our staff is also always available to treat injuries and to perform annual wellness checks.  

Call North Central Animal Hospital in Phoenix for a Wellness Check for Your Bird or Exotic Pet Today. 602-395-9773. 


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