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Vet Tips to Care for Your Pet Bird

Vet Tips to Care for Your Pet Bird from Your Phoenix Veterinarian

Known for its strong personality and high intelligence, a bird can be a wonderful addition to your family. For a happy and healthy animal, follow these vet tips to care for your pet bird from your Phoenix veterinarian, North Central Animal Hospital.

Exotic Veterinary Services for Birds in Phoenix

As Phoenix’s avian specialist, our exotic veterinary services for birds in Phoenix includes thorough beak-to-tail exams, as well as nail, wing, and beak trimming. If you notice overgrowth, a beak trimming appointment is vital as overgrowth can be a sign of illness. Never try beak trimming at home because of the risk of bleeding. Our office uses special tools designed for different sizes of birds.

Always schedule an appointment when you notice signs of illness, which may present in changes in behavior or droppings.

Home Care for Your Pet Bird

Your bird needs a clean cage, healthy diet, intellectual stimulation, and of course, lots of love. Home care for your pet bird starts with creating a safe environment. Select a sturdy cage with room for the bird to fully extend wings and travel to branches and a designated feeding area. Clean the floor and dishes daily. Provide a way for the bird to enjoy a daily water-only bath, either from a sprayer, tub or bowl. Feed a nutritious diet of high-quality pellets and vegetables, as recommended by our Phoenix veterinarian. Avoid seeds and animal proteins. Choose toys designed for birds, as other options may be unsafe when chewed. Always supervise free time outside of the cage.

Appointments at Our Phoenix Vet

As the first avian specialist in Phoenix, Dr. Frank has the experience to care for your bird. North Central Animal Hospital also treats dogs, cats, reptiles, small mammals and other exotic pets. Call us today for an appointment at our Phoenix vet: (602) 395-9773.