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Protect Your Dog or Cat from Heartworm Disease

Protection from Heartworm Disease

We know you love your pet and want him to have a happy and healthy life. Unfortunately, both cats and dogs can get infected with heartworm disease. The results of this disease are catastrophic and considering how simple it is to provide your pet protection, it doesn't make sense not to take the necessary steps to provide your cat or dog protection from heartworm disease. At North Central Animal Hospital in Phoenix, we are here to make sure that your pet gets the very best veterinary care as well as heartworm treatment and tick prevention.

What is Heartworm Disease?

Heartworms are a parasite that lives inside your pet. The infection begins when the pet is bitten by a mosquito which has carried parasitic worm larvae until it bites another pet and spreads the infection. Dogs are the preferred host but cats can also become infected. The worms live in the heart, lungs, and blood vessels. They can multiply within the host and as many as 250 can infect your dog with the average being around 15. In cats, the average is 3. How sick your pet will get depends on how many worms he has and how well he tolerates the worms but it can be fatal. It is much better to prevent it with heartworm preventative treatment than to try to treat it after your pet has been infected. In the case of cats, it is not treatable so it must also be prevented.

Preventing Heartworm Disease

Your dog should be tested yearly to make sure that he has not become infected. Cats should be tested before the prevention treatment has begun. Preventative medication for your pet can only be purchased with a prescription from a licensed veterinarian as per FDA regulations. Most medication is taken orally or applied topically monthly. Another option is an injection that lasts six months or a year.

Heartworm Prevention in Phoenix, AZ

You can order your heartworm treatment and tick prevention medication at our office or in our online store. When it comes to your pet's health, North Central Animal Hospital in Phoenix is here to provide heartworm treatment and tick prevention to keep your furry friend safe. Give us a call today at (602) 395-9773 for an appointment with our veterinary practice.