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Common Eye Problems With Pets

Pets often suffer from eye infections and other health problems. Perhaps debris has gotten into the animal’s eye, or maybe it is suffering from a bacterial infection. Allergies can also irritate the eyes. If your pet is suffering from eye problems and you live in or around Phoenix, contact our veterinarians at North Central Animal Hospital. Besides our standard pet care services, our veterinarians also offer emergency veterinary services and urgent pet care.

Pet Allergies, Eye Problems, and Veterinary Care

Eye infections are a common problem for pets. Eye infections are often caused by bacteria, but fungi, viruses, and other issues can also cause an infection. Veterinarians can determine the source of the infection by performing an eye exam, looking at any discharge, and taking other steps. From there, our veterinarians will prescribe a treatment, such as antibiotics.

Allergies are also a common eye problem. Often, allergies in pets show up as skin problems, like a rash. These allergies may be seasonal, caused by pollen, or they could be caused by other allergens, like cleaners and mold.

Problems with the cornea can include a scratch or ulcer from injury or damage due to dry eyes from decreased tear production. Glaucoma can result in a rapid, permanent loss of vision, so it is best not to wait on eye issues.

Additional Eye Health Concerns

Sometimes, pets suffer from declining vision simply because they are aging. However, with the right veterinary care and at-home pet care, you can ensure that your older pets enjoy the best of their remaining years. If something has become lodged in the eye, our veterinarians will need to remove it before an infection sets in or other issues arise.

Pets can also suffer from vitamin deficiencies that affect their eye health. Cataracts may form over time as well. Many other vision issues can occur that require urgent pet care to prevent permanent damage to the eyes. Eye problems can often worsen very quickly, so an examination the same day the problem is noticed is ideal, often preventing the issue from becoming a more serious issue or losing vision.

Get Treatment for Your Pet’s Eye Problems in Phoenix, AZ

Whether you need emergency vet care or just want to schedule a pet exam, call our team at North Central Animal Hospital today at (602) 395-9773 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.