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Tips for Traveling with Your Pet

Are you getting ready to travel with your pet soon? Whether you plan to go on vacation or move with your pet, there are some things you can do to make the process easier and keep your pet comfortable. Everything from packing for your pet to getting all of the necessary vaccinations and documents in order can help make traveling with your pet an enjoyable experience.

Before traveling with your pet, take some time to visit your veterinarian to discuss getting a health certificate and anything else your pet may need to travel. Our veterinary staff at North Central Animal Hospital in Phoenix understands the need to make pet travel an enjoyable experience. We are ready to answer any questions you may have about traveling with your pet.

Visit Your Veterinarian

Before traveling with your pet, make an appointment with your vet to see if there are any vaccinations your pet needs and to make sure your pet is healthy enough for travel. If your pet gets anxious while traveling, ask our veterinary staff about purchasing sedatives for your pet.

Health Certificates for Pet Travel

A pet health certificate is an official document filled out by your vet showing he or she has completed a thorough exam of your pet. The document certifies your pet is free of diseases and has all of the necessary vaccinations. The certificate also lists information about your pet, including age, breed, and microchip data. A health certificate is required for air travel and highly recommended for car travel.

Pack for Your Pet

When preparing for pet travel, pack things your pet enjoys and needs to remain comfortable. Pack your pet’s favorite blanket, treats, and toys for the trip. Make sure your pet has plenty of food and water to last the entire trip. Ask our veterinarians if there is anything else you can pack to make your pet’s travel experience more enjoyable.

Contact Our Veterinarians in Phoenix, AZ

When preparing your pet for travel, call our veterinary staff at North Central Animal Hospital to discuss your questions and concerns about traveling with your pet. Call our team today at (602) 395-9773 to schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians.