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Common Causes for Seizures in Pets

If your pet suffers from a seizure, you know that it is something you never want to see again. Seizures are frightening, especially when you do not know why your pet has experienced this emergency. Our veterinarians at North Central Animal Hospital provide veterinary services in Phoenix, AZ. Our veterinarians recommend contacting our animal hospital immediately if you observe your pet experiencing a seizure. Let’s look at some of the common causes for this condition.

Ingested Toxins

Toxic objects are found in even the safest homes for pets. A pet that ingests things like toxic household cleaners, chocolate, onions, and other dangerous substances may experience a seizure.

Diabetes and Low Blood Sugar

If your pet has been diagnosed with diabetes, he or she may experience a seizure. Furthermore, your pet could simply be suffering from low blood sugar and has not yet been diagnosed with diabetes.


If your pet has been diagnosed with epilepsy, seizures may not seem like a huge surprise. Fortunately, medication can often prevent seizures. If your pet has not been diagnosed, the vet may have some recommendations to avoid a future seizure.

Nutritional Imbalance

In some cases, a nutritional imbalance can cause a seizure. A dog that does not have all of the necessary nutrients may have a seizure. You may need to pay closer attention to your pet's diet and incorporate more nutrients to avoid future seizures.

Contact Our Veterinarians in Phoenix, AZ

If you are looking for a reliable veterinarian in Phoenix, our team at North Central Animal Hospital is here to help. Dr. Frank and Dr. Thomas will answer any questions that you may have and perform a comprehensive examination of your furry friend to determine the cause of your pet’s seizures. Call our team today at (602) 395-9773 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.