Do birds require a specialized Veterinarian? Come visit Phoenix's Avian Specialist

Do Birds Require a Specialized Veterinarian? Come visit Phoenix's Avian Specialist!

Birds are a unique variety of pet that the average Phoenix Veterinarian doesn't see a great deal. Our Phoenix animal hospital has a bird vet on staff who sees birds on a regular basis. This allows our animal clinic to give flying friends the care they need and deserve.  birds require a specialized veterinarian in phoenix

1. Specialized Training  

In order to become a bird vet, a veterinarian in Phoenix has to undergo special training to work with birds. The Phoenix veterinarian first completes a veterinary medicine program. Then, they're required to complete a residency program for three to six years where they work with birds. Finally, they have to pass an American Board Veterinary Practitioners exam to earn a special certification. 

The certification means the veterinarian has knowledge that a traditional vet doesn't possess, which means your bird is in better hands. The veterinarian may even know of treatments and diagnostics that a standard vet is unaware of. 

2. Experience 

An average vet doesn't treat birds on a regular basis. The vet might only treat a few birds a month if even that. However, our avian specialist works with birds on a regular basis. The time spent working with birds supplies the vet with wisdom that isn't gained anywhere else other than from experience. This practical knowledge learned from actually working with birds allows them to get to the root of the problem sooner and ultimately treat the problem more effectively.  

3. Compassion for Birds 

Anyone who seeks out a specific animal certification obviously likes that animal and has compassion in their heart for them. Someone who truly loves birds will treat the animal better than someone who just likes animals in general. Someone who seeks out that certification will be able to address the needs of your bird as more than just a practitioner.   

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