How to Avoid Canine Parvovirus

How to Avoid Canine Parvo Virus

What Is Canine Parvo Virus?

Parvovirus is a viral organism that is passed from dog to dog through both direct and indirect contact with fecal matter. It is extremely contagious and can be deadly in young puppies. The cardiac manifestation of the virus involves puppies that contract the virus from their mothers. In this case, the virus affects the muscles of their hearts, and the mortality rate is very high. The intestinal manifestation of parvovirus is spread through contact. Dogs of any age can contract parvovirus.

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Symptoms of Parvovirus Infection

Parvo symptoms include lethargy, diarrhea, vomiting and fever. Animals can quickly become dehydrated and decline quickly. If your dog exhibits these symptoms, seek veterinary care immediately. Our animal hospital can typically detect the virus in a fecal sample. Antibiotics, anti-nausea medications and IV hydration should be administered as quickly as possible.

How to Avoid Canine Parvo Virus

To avoid infection with parvovirus, your dog should receive a complete vaccination series against the virus. Vaccination is critical if your dog goes to areas where other dogs may leave their excrement, such as in dog parks or other dog walking sites. Dogs that have been treated for parvo can continue to have the virus for several weeks after treatment. If your dog is an area where an infected dog may have gone to the bathroom, the area should be treated with a water-and-bleach solution mixed to a 15:1 ratio to kill any viruses that remain. If your dog has not yet been vaccinated, be sure to avoid contact with potentially contaminated areas. Puppies can sometimes carry antibodies from a vaccinated mother that can help protect against the virus but the time span for this varies.

Your Phoenix Veterinarian Can Help Your Dog Avoid Parvo Virus

North Central Animal Hospital in Phoenix can ensure that your canine companion receives the immunizations needed to prevent parvovirus and other diseases. Dr. Hillary Frank has provided experienced care for a wide range of animals in the Phoenix area. The team at North Central Animal Hospital offers surgery, vaccinations, wellness care, surgery and pain management. If you need a veterinarian in Phoenix, contact North Central Animal Hospital today at 602-395-9773 to discuss the parvo vaccine for dogs and other animal care services.