Tips For At Home Care for Your Bird

Tips For At Home Care for Your Bird From Your Phoenix Veterinarian

For bird owners in the Phoenix area, there is good news: our veterinarian in Phoenix is a bird care specialist. Dr. Hillary Frank, DVM, is an avian vet, (Diplomate of the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners), providing local veterinary care for exotic pets, including birds, at North Central Animal Hospital. When your pet bird seems ill, or is just overdue for a routine wellness visit, call on our Phoenix veterinarian. Today's blog focuses on tips for quality at-home bird care.

two birds being cared for with help from Phoenix veterinarian

Caring for Your Pet Bird at Home

It's natural to want to provide a quality home environment for your pet bird, in return for the joy and companionship they offer your family. Tips from our Phoenix veterinarian include:

  • Clean your pet bird’s cage each day, keeping an eye on the amount and consistency of bird droppings.

  • Keep your bird’s food and water bowls clean.

  • Feed a healthy, fresh bird diet consisting mostly of well-formulated pellets with no dyes. Add green, leafy and yellow, substantial vegetables such as collard greens, kale, sweet potato and squash.

  • Avoid seed diets, which lack nutrients and may contain unhealthy mold or pesticides.

  • Keep in-cage food fresh. Feed your bird the amount of food they usually eat daily and toss out any extra food at day’s end.

  • For moist foods, leave these in the cage for no longer than two hours to ensure your bird’s health.

  • Watch for these symptoms of a seriously ill bird. If your pet’s feathers are fluffed, if s/he is breathing heavily, seems less active lately, has eyes partially closed or sleeps at unusual times, and/or is producing less droppings than usual—these are all signs you should see our avian vet for diagnosis and treatment.

Visit Our Avian Vet in Phoenix

Get quality veterinary care for exotic pets, including birds, by contacting our avian veterinarian in Phoenix. Dr. Frank is one of only 130 bird specialists worldwide designated by the AVBP. Here at North Central Animal Hospital in Phoenix, our veterinarians also treat cats, dogs and other pets. Call us today!