Quality Dog Grooming Services in Phoenix, AZ

Quality Dog Grooming Services in Phoenix, AZ

Performing regular grooming is an important part of maintaining the health and happiness of your dog. Even if you perform some grooming at home, the best way to ensure that your dog is well groomed is to take your pet to a professional groomer at least twice annually. At North Central Animal Hospital in Phoenix, AZ, we're proud to announce that we now provide professional dog grooming services for pet owners of the area.

dog getting groomed in Phoenix, AZ

Pet Grooming Protects and Helps Ensure Comfort for Dogs

When you take your dog to a professional groomer, you can expect your dog to get the following services:

  • Flea and tick treatment. Professional grade flea and tick shampoo can help rid your dog of these annoying and disturbing parasites.  This can help make your dog more comfortable and reduces exposure to diseases that can affect both pets and people.
  • Coat cutting. Some breeds of dog can grow very long, unruly coats that can be difficult to manage. Keeping your dog's coat trim will help avoid snags on tree branches and other things.  Mats can also contribute to skin infections and the knots can pull on the skin and cause discomfort.
  • Nail trimming. Your dog's nails can damage your floors and even cause injuries if they're not kept to the right length. Many owners hate trimming their own dog's nails because of the possibility of cutting the quick and making the nails bleed. Professional dog groomers can do this easily and without injuring your dog.
  • Shampooing. It's so important to keep your pet's coat properly clean, because cleanliness is hygienic and can help your dog avoid skin and coat problems. When you take your pet to the dog groomer, you can rest assured that your pet's coat will be completely clean.

Call North Central Animal Hospital When You Need a Dog Groomer!

North Central Animal Hospital, your veterinarian in Phoenix, would like you to know that we are now your source for dog grooming in Phoenix as well!  For more information about how you can get your dog groomed through a Phoenix animal hospital, contact our Phoenix veterinarian today at 602-935-9773.