February is Pet Dental Month in Phoenix, AZ!

February is Pet Dental Month in Phoenix, AZ!

North Central Animal Hospital is pleased to announce that February is pet dental month! It's at this time of year that we strive to educate our patients about the many benefits of providing your animal companion with pet dental care in Phoenix AZ. With a little daily effort and by bringing your pet in for regular dental checkups, you can help ensure that your pet has good oral hygiene and an improved quality of life.

We Offer a Range of Pet Dental Services

As a Phoenix animal hospital, we offer the following services:

  • Teeth cleanings. We'll clean your pet's teeth and remove plaque to prevent bone loss and gum disease.
  • Examinations. As we're cleaning your pet's teeth, we'll examine your pet's teeth and gums and look for signs of disease.
  • Sealants. Pets get dental sealants just like people! When pets have chipped teeth, we provide dentinal sealants to keep the tooth healthy and free of infection.
  • Extractions. Sometimes pets have dental problems that can't be fixed with a simple cleaning. In severe cases, we perform tooth extractions to remove infections and broken teeth.
  • Anesthesia. For the safety of the pet and to be able to treat every tooth, we provide pets with anesthesia during dental exams.
  • Training and education. We show pet owners how to brush their pet's teeth, how to train their pet to tolerate regular dental care, and tell patients how to provide their pet with treats and toys that clean pet teeth and gums.

Contact Your Phoenix Veterinarian Today

We encourage pet owners to contact their veterinarian in Phoenix today to make a dental appointment for their pet. For more information about animal dental care and to make an appointment, contact North Central Animal Hospital at (602) 395-9773. Dr. Frank and her staff will be happy to provide your pet with the best dental care in the Phoenix area. We will also be happy to answer all questions you may have relating to the care of your pet's teeth.