The Benefits of Preventative Care For Your Dog In Phoenix

The Benefits of Preventative Care For Your Dog In Phoenix  

At North Central Animal Hospital of Phoenix, we believe that part of what makes our veterinary medicine great is the emphasis we place on prevention. So much of your dog's quality of life depends on the reducing the risk of disease and illness. It's the reason we strongly recommend all pet owners take their dogs in for regular pet wellness examinations, as a way to promote health prevention and pet owner education.

The Top 3 Benefits of Preventative Care For Your Dog

  • Improved health and longevity. Your dog will lead a happier and longer life if disease can be prevented before it develops. The vaccinations, medications, and examinations that your veterinarian provide are critical to this prevention. Your veterinarian can also offer early detection of a health problem, which can improve your pet's outcomes and improve chances of recovery.
  • Improved awareness. Pets are family, and you know your dog better than anyone. The veterinarian team at North Central Animal Hospital complements your intimate knowledge with our clinical experience to help educate you on preventative health recommendations that are specific to your dog, based on age, gender, and breed. Things like optimal activity level, ideal weight, and breed-specific diseases are important to know about when it comes to your dog.
  • Improved bottom line. Treating canine diseases such as heartworm or cancer can be very stressful--and very expensive. Preventative care (such as regularly giving your dog heartworm medication or assuring you are giving your dog the correct food) can help you avoid the astronomical costs associated with treating many preventable diseases, helping both you, your dog, and your whole family breathe a little easier.

Is it time for your pet's annual wellness exam?

If you live in the Phoenix area, and are looking for ways to provide preventative care for your dog, then call our office today to set up a pet wellness exam.