Why Your Pet Needs Dental Care

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Pet dental health is an important yet often overlooked aspect of caring for your pet's health. If you're not protecting your pet's oral health, learn why you should do this now.

Why You Need Pet Dental Care

Over time, your pet's teeth develop bacterial buildup, plaque, and tartar, just like your teeth. If you do not brush your pet's teeth, toxins and bacteria in the mouth can enter your pet's bloodstream. Your pet can develop gingivitis and cavities, just like you can. In extreme cases, your pet's teeth can rot or fall out, or bacteria can invade your pet's joints or internal organs.

These conditions will impact your pet's quality of life. If your cat or dog has loose teeth, missing teeth, or inflamed gums, eating can be painful. If bacteria gets into your pet's system, it can cause internal damage and suffering that you will not be able to see until your pet's health is severely compromised.

Caring For Your Pet's Teeth

Routine dental care for your pet goes a long way toward maintaining good oral health. Our veterinarians and vet techs can examine your pet's mouth for evidence of oral problems. We can clean your pet's teeth in the office, and show you how to do this yourself so that you don't have to make a vet appointment every time you need to brush your cat or dog's teeth.

Ideally, you can brush your pet's teeth every day at home to prevent a buildup of bacteria, tartar, or plaque. If your pet has inflamed gums or other dental problems, we can schedule a follow-up appointment to treat inflamed gums, loose teeth, or other oral health problems. This can prevent problems from spreading and maintain your pet's good health.

We hope that we've convinced you that it's important to pay attention to your pet's oral health. Make an appointment today with one of our veterinarians to have your pet's oral health evaluated and receive a lesson in preventative dental hygiene you can practice at home.