North Central Hospital in Phoenix can help your with spay or neuter decision

spay neuter phoenixAre you planning on having a new pet? Now’s the time to consider whether or not to spay or neuter that new family member.  It’s a very common surgical procedure that can increase your pet’s wellness while lessening Phoenix’s stray animal population.

Male pets are often neutered by having their testicles removed, ideally before they’re more than six months old.  Besides leaving them unable to reproduce, neutering improves their wellness by reducing the chance they’ll contract testicular cancers. It also lessens the urge to wander from home and curtails wandering and obnoxious breeding behavior. An alternate but much recommended procedure for your male pet is a vasectomy, during which the vans deferens is removed. Hormone production is thus retained, adding to wellness, while the ability to reproduce is neutralized.

When your female pet is spayed, her ovaries are removed, preventing reproduction and also increasing her protection from cancer and uterine infection—breast cancer is 90% fatal in cats and 50% fatal in dogs. Spaying your pet before her first heat will ensure protection from these diseases. As with male pets and neutering, spaying ends female breeding behaviors, such as urination and yowling.

In a larger context, spay or neutering your pet helps lessen the epidemic of unwanted pets, 2.7 million of which are euthanized nationwide every year. Free-ranging domestic cats are responsible for 3.7 billion bird deaths annually across all states. A pack of 5 feral dogs recently killed a horse and donkey on a farm in Tennessee. Wild dogs and cats can be dangerous to people, pets and wild animals. Unchecked, dogs and cat populations can soar, as these animals can have multiple litters every year. The best contribution you can make to reducing pet overpopulation, and protect billions of wild birds, reptiles and small mammals from wild cats and dogs, is to neuter your pet.

Spaying or neutering improves your pet’s health and helps safeguard people and animals. Contact us at North Central Animal Hospital. We’ll be happy to discuss our spay and neutering procedures with you.