Bird & Exotic Pet Vet

Diagnosing and treating health problems affecting birds and exotic pets requires the services of a veterinarian who possesses specialized knowledge of these unique animals. Nutritional and psychological needs of African gray parrots, pot-bellied pigs, fennec foxes or other non-traditional pet aren't like those of a happy-go-lucky dog or a mysteriously aloof cat. Medications and vitamin supplements must also be tailored to address the needs of birds and exotic pets as well. In addition, new exotic pet owners may not know that their offbeat pet is notorious for trying to hide symptoms of an illness or chronic disease.

bird exotic pet vetExotic Pets Have Strong Instincts

While dogs and cats have been domesticated by humans for thousands of years, many exotic pets have just recently begun interacting closely with humans. Consequently, your bird or exotic pet will try to instinctively conceal an illness. Sick or hurt animals in the wild are easy prey for predators. In addition, animals living in groups or flocks may try to ostracize or even harm a sick member of the flock to deter predators from attacking the group. Because they are still close to "being wild", birds and exotic pets need regular check-ups from a qualified veterinarian to ensure they are not just "pretending" to be well.

Signs of Possible Health Issues in Birds and Exotic Pets

  • Eye discharge/swelling/change in color
  • Frequent sneezing/discharge from nostrils or vents
  • Drooping wings/fluffed feathers/no longer preening or maintaining feathers (in birds)
  • Weight loss when eating habits haven't changed
  • Change in color/quantity of droppings
  • Colic/vomiting in pot-bellied pigs means they may have swallowed a foreign object
  • Extreme lethargy in iguanas may indicate bladder stones
  • Wobbly hedgehog syndrome, a disease causing paralysis, can affect domesticated hedgehogs,

Our exotic pet veterinarians at North Central Animal Hospital offer years of experience in providing exotic pet wellness exams, nutritional guidance, vaccinations and emergency care. Contact us today so we can help your exotic pet live a long, healthy and happy life.

Do you have an exotic pet? If so, what kind of animal is it?