Why Dental Cleaning Matters

The Importance of Clean Teeth

If your pet carries sticks, leaves, dirty tennis balls and other such objects in his mouth, you may assume that he is somehow immune to the problems posed by dental damage and bacteria. In fact, it only reinforces the fact that animals need regular dental cleaning to help preserve your teeth, gums, and overall health. Here at North Central Animal Hospital, we want owners to understand how dental hygene affects their pets' quality of life.

The same kinds of cavities and other dental problems that afflict human teeth commonly occur in animal teeth as well, especially since pets use their mouth the way we use our hands. Damage to the protective enamel exposes the inner tissue to bacteria. Unfortunately, these bacteria tend to flock to a substance called tartar, the hardened remains of saliva and food particles that can accumulate on tooth surfaces. As they feed on this tartar, the bacteria eat through the enamel as well. Once the bacteria invade the pulp chamber of the tooth, they can spread through the roots to the bone, creating painful abscesses there. the tooth itself may cause intense pain, making it impossible to chew food correctly. Malnutrition and digestive problems can follow.

The danger, however, does not stop there. Bacteria in a tooth or in the jawbone can hitch a ride on the bloodstream and circulate throughout the body. This means that they can travel to any of the body's major organs, including the heart, kidneys, brain and liver, and proceed to do harmful or even fatal damage to those organs. By scheduling professional dental cleaning at regular intervals, you may be saving your beloved animal from a host of devastating health problems.

Dental Hygene at North Central Animal Hospital

If your pet is due (or overdue) for a dental checkup and cleaning, schedule one by contacting North Central Animal Hospital today. Your furry friend can live a healthier, more comfortable life thanks to this essential wellness procedure!

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