Orthopedic FAQs

Orthopedic FAQs With North Central Animal Hospital In Phoenix, AZ

A movement problem in your pet can be frightening. The condition may cause your pet intense pain, and you may have several questions. These are just some of the most frequent questions our vets at North Central Animal Hospital in Phoenix have been asked about pet surgery and orthopedics in general.

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What Are Common Orthopedic Conditions?

Pet owners typically come to us after noting pain in their pet. If your pet no longer runs, jumps, or moves around as much as it used to, any movement could be causing it pain. Sometimes, this comes from arthritis, which requires long-term pain management. Other times, one joint is causing the issue.

If our vet suspects an orthopedic condition such as hip dysplasia or cruciate ligament injury she may conduct a sedated exam. Sedation makes the exam more comfortable for your pet, especially if it's in severe pain. During the exam, the vet will move your pet's joints, looking for abnormalities in structure or motion. Depending on the severity of the condition, your pet may need surgery or medications.

What is Orthopedic Surgery?

Certain conditions, such as hip dysplasia, may require surgery as a final resort to fix the musculoskeletal problems your pet is encountering. Surgery recovery typically takes two to three months for average-sized dogs or cats. But larger dog breeds may need up to six months before they are fully recovered.

Recovery from surgery will require close care from you and from your vet. Only let your pet outside for relieving itself. Watch your pet carefully to see if there are any changes in its bowel movements or urination. If you notice any changes, contact us at once. After the procedure, we may recommend you bring your pet back to us for follow up care. For limb surgery, we may need to take x-rays to see how well your pet is healing. Also, if any sutures were used, we will need to take those out after an appropriate time.

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