Pet Dental Specials in Phoenix

Pet Dental Specials in Phoenix

Dental Care Is Part of Comprehensive Pet Care

Dental care for your pet is as important as dental care is for you and your family members. Strong, healthy teeth help your dog or cat to eat well and maintain good nutrition. The ability to chew foods and receive adequate nutrition becomes especially important as your pet ages. One of our veterinarians in Phoenix can offer regular dental care that removes the plaque that leads to tooth loss. Teeth cleanings are a simple procedure that can have an important impact on your pet’s health.

Teeth Cleaning and Your Pet’s Health

Regular teeth cleanings can help prevent pet dental problems that lead to bad breath, pain when eating, bleeding, infection and tooth loss. Regular cleanings improve your pet’s dental health so that he or she can maintain optimum health. During the cleaning procedure your pet is put under general anesthesia to ensure comfort throughout the process. The vet can then do a thorough examination of the animal’s teeth. Tartar is removed from the crowns of the teeth and below the gum line. At this time, the veterinarian can also determine if extractions are necessary to remove broken or loose teeth. We then carefully monitor your pet as the anesthetic wears off to ensure its safety.

Pet Dental Specials at North Central Animal Hospital

Good news! February is pet dental month and we want all of our patients to take advantage of our veterinary dental services. This month, Dr. Hillary Frank, is offering 25% off pet dental care for all patients. However, your pet’s overall health is also very important which is why North Central Animal Hospital is offering a special discount for all those who sign up on a Petly plan. Those on Petly or who sign up for one can receive $100 off dental services year round. We offer these discounts to ensure that pet dental care is affordable for all our patients. 

One of our Phoenix veterinarians can provide the dental care your pet needs to live a long, happy and healthy life. Call the North Central Animal Hospital at (602) 395-9773 for information on our pet dental specials in Phoenix.