Dog Bite Prevention with Your Phoenix Veterinarians

Veterinarian in Phoenix Discusses Dog Bite Prevention Week

As Dog Bite Prevention Week is upon us from May 15-21st, it's a great time talk about how North Central Animal Hospital, your veterinarian in Phoenix, can help you prevent your dog from biting an animal or person.

golden retriever with its mouth open

The Facts

Did you know there are approximately 70 million dogs who live in U.S. households and that every year, approximately 4.5 million people are bitten? Of those, 20 percent need to be seen by a doctor. Unfortunately, the two groups most likely to be bitten are children and older adults. In fact, dog bites are the 9th to 11th leading cause of nonfatal injury for children ages 1-14. Most of these bites could be prevented.

Why Dogs Bite

Some owners believe that their dog doesn’t have the capability of biting anyone, but the simple fact is that all dogs do, no matter how docile or friendly they may be. A dog that is about to bite usually gives a sign such as growling, snapping or lunging forward. Most likely, the dog feels that his safety is threatened, and the aggressive behavior is his way of self-protection. If your dog bites, bring him in to our animal hospital in Phoenix for a thorough examination.

How to Train Your Dog in Phoenix

Animal behaviorist studies show that the best way to train dogs is to use a humane approach. Punitive training methods promote more aggressive behaviors by adding to the dog’s already maxed-out stress level. Count on your Phoenix veterinarians at North Central Animal Hospital to give you recommendations for competent trainers.

The purpose of Dog Bite Prevention Week is to make dog owners aware of the need to properly train and handle their dogs when around other people to avoid a tragic outcome for everyone involved.