We Are Phoenix's Exotic Pet Care Source

Arizona Pet Care for Exotic Animals 

Your exotic pet has a lot going for them - a unique personality, lots of love and a lifetime of memories to share with you. Let our office keep them healthy and happy with veterinary care geared towards their specialized needs. Our dedicated team understands the quirks and questions that can come up with your bird, ferret, lizard, rabbit or other exotic animal and is ready to give you the answers you're looking for. 

We're For the Birds - Literally!

As Arizona's only avian specialist, we take special pride in caring for our winged friends. From tiny finches to majestic macaws, Dr. Frank and her team is on hand to keep them feeling great from beak to tail. Although these exotic pets can be challenging, our vet team knows firsthand how rewarding bird ownership can be and has lots of insider tips for soothing ruffled feathers, curbing night squawks or introducing new feathered friends into the home.

Recommendations for Exotic Pet Ownership

Not sure what food is right for your exotic animal? Concerned that the Arizona climate or local flora might be causing issues with their well-being? Come visit our clinic and we'll be able to let you know if there's special precautions - a certain tank temperature, for example, or a dangerous inedible weed - that need to be incorporated into your exotic pet care routine. Whether you're a first time exotic pet owner or simply need care for an additional member of your furred, feathered or scaled family, we're here to help with guidance and expertise. 

Our office loves all types of exotic animals, and we'd love to meet the special ones you call your own! We're here to work with you and set up a vet care routine that fits into you life and schedule. Give us a call today and discover why so many Arizona pet owners consider us their go-to source for veterinary care in the Phoenix area and beyond.