Halloween and Your Pets: What you need to know for proper pet care.

As Halloween approaches, many people are thinking about allowing their pets to partake in the festivities. This is fine as long as you are a responsible pet parent. These tips will help you keep Fido or Fluffy safe so you all can have the best time possible.

Can the candy. The candy is for the humans, not the critters. If you want your pet to enjoy some Halloween treats, carry a small bag of pet friendly treats with you, but make sure you steer clear of the sugary stuff, especially chocolate which can be toxic to dogs.

halloween pet carePet proof your décor. Many Halloween decorations may look edible to Fluffy, but they can cause problems such as an upset tummy. Keep decorations and Halloween plants like decorative corn and pumpkins where your pet cannot get to them.

Keep wires and cords out of pet’s reach. Decorations and lights have wires that can be irresistible to your pet. Chewing them could lead to burns, cuts, and even dangerous electrical shock.

Dressing up can lead to stressing out. Some pets don’t mind dressing up – in fact they seem to like it. Some pets, on the other hand, get stressed out when dressed in costumes. Pay attention to your pet’s cues and if you see him getting stressed take off the costume. It isn’t worth it to stress our pet for a silly costume. If you want your pet to be festive, get him a themed collar and leash.

Give "nervous Nellies" special treatment. Some pets are social and others are shy – even afraid – when around other people. If your pet is of the nervous variety, put her in her kennel in a room away from the hustle and bustle. Keep the area as quiet and low sensory as possible. For your more social pets, watch them closely so that they don’t try door dashing when you are handing out treats to the kiddies.

Don’t forget ID tags! No matter if you are walking the neighborhood or staying at home handing out candy, make sure that your pet has ID tags. Accidents can happen and if your pet gets away from you having an ID tag will help reunite you much faster.  Having a microchip placed, in addition to a tag, can be ideal if the ID tag comes off or your pet loses the collar.  Don’t let your Halloween festivities turn into a nightmare.