Pet Bathing

Some of the Benefits of Pet Bathing

North Central Animal Hospital in Phoenix knows that animals make wonderful companions and there are many facets to the care of a pet. Pet bathing is one item that everyone should engage in if they have a pet. No matter which animal you have, either a dog, cat, bird or other, you should regularly bathe your pet.


Some Pet Bathing Benefits

Each pet type has different bathing needs. Most dogs only need to be bathed once every 3 months or so, and if you bathe a dog more often than that the animal may end up with dry, itchy skin as a result. This is because, with more frequent bathing, the natural oils will have been stripped away from the surface of the skin. Dogs with skin health issues may need to be bathed more frequently, as often as every 1-3 days. Special shampoos must be used to both treat the skin and also restore the skin barrier. At North Central Animal Hospital in Phoenix, the doctors will examine your dog, diagnose the skin problem present, and select the best treatment option for your pet. For all pets with long fur, any matts present need to be carefully removed before bathing to prevent the mats from tightening and pulling on the skin after drying.

Cats tend to bathe themselves, but some cats don't groom well because of health issues and need a little help. Most cats do not like water so you will probably have some kind of struggle on your hands, unless you have started training them as a kitten. A non-slip surface like a rubber mat or towel at the bottom of the sink may help reduce anxiety. Some products are dangerous to use on cats. Use a mild soap-free pet shampoo that specifically states it is safe for use in cats. If your cat has fleas, there are many monthly topical products labeled for use in cats, such as Frontline Plus, which we have at our hospital.

Birds need periodic showers every few days to keep their feathers in tip-top shape. Bathing for birds can overcome territorial tendencies, as birds tend to cooperate when it comes to bathing activities. The natural oils in a bird's feathers keep them flying properly, and healthy feathers help regulate their body temperature as well for both cool and hot weather. No special products are needed to apply to the bird, just fresh clean water. Try a plant mister if they don't like regular spray bottle. Some birds like to bathe in the shower or a sink. Others like to use a shallow dish of water for a bath. Birds shed their feathers once a year, and the rest of the time they depend on bathing to keep their feathers healthy and strong and free of dirt.

Other animals may need bathing too. It is well known that most animals love water and spend a great deal of their time bathing. Water has a healthy effect on animals and drinking and bathing is an important part of their daily life for the well-being of these precious animals.

Questions About Pet Bathing

If you have any questions about pet bathing or about veterinary care for your pet in general, call North Central Animal Hospital in Phoenix at (602) 395-9773. Our veterinarian can answer any inquiries and while you’re here take a look at your pet to make sure he or she is healthy. Schedule your appointment today!


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