Preventative Care

At North Central Animal Hospital in Phoenix, we’re as committed to the long-term good health and wellness of your pet as you are. We believe that the key to that is preventative care pet services. This means scheduling regular wellness visits for your furry friends, birds and exotics and other pets, and providing vaccinations and other treatments to protect your animals against even the threat of disease.

After all, the best “treatment” of any medical condition is to prevent its occurrence in the first place. That’s our primary goal at North Central Animal Hospital: to give pet owners like you as little as possible to worry about in regard to your animal's health.

Preventative Care

Preventative Care Pet Services Offered

The most basic and effective means of safeguarding your pet’s life for as long as possible is by scheduling all of the vaccinations necessary. Pet vaccines offer dependable protection against rabies, distemper, heartworm, leukemia, influenza, Lyme disease, parvovirus, kennel cough and many other diseases. All of these conditions are serious and many can kill your pet if it’s not vaccinated.

Neutering and spaying services when recommended by your veterinarian can also provide lifelong health benefits for your pet.  

We also offer dental checkups because oral diseases in your pet can lead to a multitude of serious and painful conditions.

At North Central Animal Hospital, we’re also specialists in the bird and exotic pet care. They can suffer from a range of illnesses and medical disorders that aren’t so different than what might afflict their human owners. This could include allergies, eye diseases, arthritis and respiratory disease.

The key to protecting your birds and exotic pets is to let us see them regularly. That way, we can be on the lookout for signs of the various diseases and medical conditions that might befall them. That’s why we recommend annual exams as well as grooming services every three or four months.

In addition, we’re a trusted source of all of the information you need to help you keep your pets in good health and to know when they’re sick and in need of veterinary care. We also include pet nutrition advice to keep your small animals eating right and staying in prime health for as long as possible.

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We want to see your dogs cats, birds, ferrets, rabbits, fish and other domestic animals. Let’s establish a schedule of wellness exams so we can help maintain your pet’s optimal health and life enjoyment.

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