Bathing, Grooming & Boarding

Bathing & Grooming

We offer gentle cleansing baths, therapeutic bathing, and blow drying to both cats and dogs.

Additional services include:

Nail Trimming
Mat Shaving
Lion Cuts
Hygiene Clips
Anal Gland Expression
Sedated Grooming

Grooming patients must be a current patient at North Central Animal Hospital, current on physical exams, vaccines and intestinal parasite control, and in good general health.

Please thoroughly discuss your pet’s grooming needs with our receptionist so she may properly schedule your appointment.

All debilitated pets must have grooming coordinated through one of our doctors to ensure the safety and comfort of the pet.

If sedation is required for grooming, such as with some cats for a lion cut, the appointment must be coordinated through one of our doctors, who will examine the pet, and administer and monitor the sedation.

Vacation & Day Boarding

Dogs, Cats, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians, Small Mammals (Rabbits, Ferrets, Guinea Pigs)

We offer full-service boarding for our established patients. If your pet is not a patient of North Central Animal Hospital, we require a wellness exam with one of our doctors a few days prior to the scheduled boarding so that we can meet you and your pet and discuss your pet’s needs. 

Services include:

  • Indoor, individual boarding accommodations
  • Multiple outside walks for dogs and indoor play time for cats (who desire it).
  • Hill’s prescription I/D diet fed to your specifications. We are also happy to feed any diet you provide at no extra charge.
  • Comfortable, clean bedding — you may bring your pet’s bedding from home but please do so at your own risk, as personal items may be misplaced or chewed.

For an additional fee, we offer the following services:

  • Medication administration (see our Boarding Policies)
  • Bathing and grooming
  • Routine veterinary services, including your pet’s upcoming physical exam, vaccinations, laboratory tests, and dentistry services.

Day Boarding

We also offer Day Boarding for those times when the carpet cleaner or painter is coming, or any other reason your pet needs a safe, comfortable place to be during the day.


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