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Canine Vaccinations With Your Phoenix Veterinarian

If your dog seems perfectly healthy, you might be tempted to put off those regular preventive wellness procedures that serve to keep him that way. However, you should resist that urge, especially when vaccinations are concerned. Vaccinations are absolutely critical for protecting dogs against a variety of life-threatening or downright fatal communicable diseases. Whether you’ve just adopted a new puppy or you have an adult dog who hasn't been vaccinated in quite a while, it's time to talk to your Phoenix veterinarian at North Central Animal Hospital (Dr. Frank, Dr. Thomas or Dr. Tantiyatyanon) about this all-important wellness measure.

Dog receiving vaccinations from a veterinarian in Phoenix

Core Canine Vaccinations

Core vaccines are the ones that guard against especially common and deadly disease. Canine core vaccinations protect against rabies, distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis and parainfluenza. Even after our veterinarian in Phoenix has vaccinated your puppy, however, it's important to remember that these substances don't last forever. The individual vaccines have somewhat different life spans, but sooner or later they all lose their protective effect. We will create a schedule of vaccination updates or "booster shots" so you'll always know when it's time for another trip to our animal hospital in Phoenix.

In addition to the core vaccinations every dog needs, there may also be other vaccinations that your faithful companion could benefit from, depending on his lifestyle and other factors. For instance, if your dog visits the groomer, needs to be boarded soon, or spends lots of time with other neighborhood dogs, he may need a vaccination against a respiratory disease called Bordatella, one of the main causes of "kennel cough." If your dog will be vacationing with you in thickly-wooded areas, it may be wise to vaccinate him against Lyme disease. We can discuss these and other elective vaccinations with you.

The Importance of Canine Vaccinations With Your Phoenix Veterinarian

A vaccine is a form of pathogen that has been carefully rendered into an inert substance. While the portion of the pathogen that caused disease has been neutralized, the substance's antigens (the proteins that trigger immune responses) are still intact. This means that when your veterinarian in Phoenix introduces the vaccine into the body, the immune system still sees it as the disease threat it used to be and creates antibodies to protect against it.

Puppies aren't born with their own defenses against these disease threats in place. They have a degree of "borrowed" immunity transferred from their mother, but this second-hand protection fades after a short period of time, leaving your little friend vulnerable. That's why our animal hospital in Phoenix recommends that all puppies receive multiple rounds of core vaccinations, starting around the age of 6 to 8 weeks and continuing at least to the 16-week mark, to establish and reinforce the necessary protection.

Your Source for Dog Vaccinations in Phoenix

Call us today to schedule dog vaccinations in Phoenix or ask any questions you may have about core and elective vaccinations. Ask about joining our Pet Wellness Program! Our Phoenix veterinarian wants to help your dog spend many more happy, healthy years with you!