Canine Vaccinations

Just like humans, your family pets need vaccines to prevent against various diseases. Dog vaccines reduce the chances that your canine family member will contract pathogens that could impair or kill them. Vaccines are a well-established way to keep your dog healthy and give them a better chance at a long and healthy life. Here at North Central Animal Hospital in Phoenix, AZ, we offer both core and non-core vaccines to make sure your dog is well equipped to face the world.

Veterinarian vaccinating a dog

Core and Non-Core Dog Vaccines

Our veterinary facility offers core vaccines (rabies, parvovirus, hepatitis, distemper, and parainfluenza), as well as non-core vaccines for Bordetella (kennel cough), Lyme disease, and others as determined by our veterinarian. You should discuss with the veterinarian your dog's lifestyle, eating habits, social habits, and so on to determine which non-core vaccinations may be advised. Your vet will create a vaccination schedule and make sure your dog stays on time for their required boosters as well.

When to Vaccinate Your Dogs

Each vaccine has its own schedule, but in general, your dog should receive its core vaccines as a puppy, as early as 6 weeks old. Discuss with your veterinarian the details of each vaccine, which ones need multiple doses, and how frequently boosters should be administered. Not all vaccines need an annual booster, while some may even need more frequent administration, like the Bordetella vaccine which requires a booster every 6 months.

Vaccinations at Different Life Stages

Puppies are very susceptible to disease and as caring owners, you should be wary about brining your dog into public or around other dogs before they have received their full set of vaccines. Initial vaccines given to puppies are generally split up into doses and spread out by a few weeks to a month, so you should expect frequent visits to your vet early on. As your dog grows, vaccine booster schedules will change, especially if your dogs have lifestyles that reduce or increase their exposure to certain diseases. For example, dogs that love to run around dog parks and play with all the neighborhood dogs have a higher risk of contracting canine distemper than dogs who tend to stay on their own. 


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