Bird Care

Taking care of a pet bird isn't always straightforward as looking after a dog or cat, especially if you're not used to handling these delicate creatures. But if you're looking for a veterinarian in Phoenix who understands bird care, you're in luck -- because here at North Central animal, we have one of Arizona's leading bird specialists in our Phoenix veterinarian, Dr. Frank. From preventative wellness and home care practices to treatment of serious diseases, injuries and disorders, your bird is in good hands with our avian vet.

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The Special Needs of Birds

As commonplace as birds may be on this planet, and as popular as they are with many owners, they're still considered "exotic" in the sense that they have some special needs. For one thing, they require an enclosure that provides a safe, roomy, clean and comfortable environment. (Clean, non-toxic bedding is especially important for your bird's health.) Controlling the environment outside your pet's enclosure is just as critical, from choosing the right temperature range and draft-free part of the room to minimizing the use of any airborne household chemicals that might poison your pet.

Our veterinarian in Phoenix can advise you on how to set up the perfect environment for your particular breed of bird. We can also provide guidance on matters such as grooming, exercise and diet -- for instance, ensuring that your bird receives varied nutrition instead of just seed. You can rely on our avian vet to answer any questions or concerns you may have throughout your bird's life.

Our Phoenix Veterinarian Can Help Your Feathered Friend Thrive

Like every other pet in your home, your bird needs ongoing preventative care. We can administer routine wellness checkups to look for any signs of ill health or injury. We can also teach you to recognize signs of potential health issues such as ruffled feathers, eye problems, sneezing or changes in droppings that may indicate the need for a vet visit. Simply spending lots of time with your bird will help you get the knack for this. Birds aren't demonstrative about their health problems, so the better you know you bird, the better chance you'll have of noticing small changes in their appearance and behavior.

If your pet does develop a health problem, don't panic -- simply bring him North Central Animal Hospital right away. Our avian vet can treat injuries, prescribe antibiotics or other medications, stop bleeding, splint fractures, treat burns and respond to breathing difficulties. If your pet's symptoms are related to poor nutrition or hygiene, we can help you nurse your bird back to health by correcting those aspects of his daily life.

Need Veterinary Care for Exotic Pets in Phoenix?

Remember, birds and other exotic pets need the expertise of a veterinarian who can address their special needs. If you need veterinary care for exotic pets, call (602) 395-9773 today for an appointment at North Central Animal Hospital!


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