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Feline Vaccinations from Our Animal Hospital in Phoenix

Your cats are special members of the family, and they deserve the same level of health and happiness as any human. That means protecting them against potentially deadly diseases that they don't have any natural immunity against. Here at North Central Animal Hospital we understand and share your concern for your cat's well-being. That's why Dr. Frank, Dr. Thomas and Dr. Tantiyatyanon are happy to provide feline vaccinations at our animal hospital in Phoenix.

cat with phoenix veterinarian for feline vaccines

The Importance of Cat Vaccinations in Phoenix

Vaccinations are an effective means of stimulating immunity against a disease without exposing an animal to the disease itself. A vaccine is a sample of the disease that has had the actual disease-causing portion of it eliminated. To your cat's immune system, however, the antigens that are still attached to the vaccine resemble the intact disease. The immune system manufactures antibodies to combat the supposed disease, providing your pet with protection against the real thing.

Newborn kittens have some protection against diseases, but that protection is inherited from the mother and only lasts for the first several weeks of life. That's why your veterinarian in Phoenix will want to schedule core vaccinations for your kitten as soon as the inherited immunity is about to fade away. Core vaccines protect against particularly dangerous and commonplace infectious diseases such as:

  • Rabies - An invariably fatal brain and nervous system disease that can be passed from an infected animal to other mammals, including humans

  • Panleukopenia - An easily-transferred killer virus, also known as feline distemper

  • Feline calici virus - A respiratory virus that also causes oral ulcers, jaundice,fever and organ failure, often resulting in death

  • Rhinotracheitis - A disease of the respiratory system that can kill kittens and senior cats

Panleukopenia, Feline calici virus and rhinotracheitis can be administered together in a single vaccine ("RCP"). 

Schedule Feline Vaccinations from Your Phoenix Veterinarian

Different vaccinations provide protection for different periods of time -- but none last for the life of your cat, so you'll need to schedule booster shots intermittently. We re-administer the rabies vaccine every year for optimal protection while advising you on other vaccine updates as needed. Your Phoenix veterinarian can also administer a non-core vaccination against feline leukemia if your cat has a high risk of catching this disease from other cats.  Feline leukemia vaccines are recommended for most kittens, as they are at highest risk for getting this disease if exposed, and are most likely to escape the house & roam outside with their teenage curiosity. 

Your Phoenix veterinarian can also provide the options for adjuvanted versus non-adjuvanted vaccines. An adjuvanted vaccine has had extra immune boosters, but it can potentially cause problems at the injection site in cats.  However, it is a less expensive vaccine, and costs only $5 at North Central Animal Hospital. We generally recommend the non-adjuvanted vaccines for a small additional cost for immune protection without unnecessary risk of side effects for cats.

Need a Feline Veterinarian in Phoenix?

If you've just adopted your first cat or kitten, you couldn't do your new friend a better favor than to bring him to North Central Animal Hospital. Ask about joining our Pet Wellness Program! In addition to core and non-core cat vaccinations in Phoenix, we can provide a host of other preventative health and wellness options. Call our office today!