Pet Surgery

Pet owners can experience a lot of emotions when they're told that their beloved animals should undergo surgery. In addition to the understandable concerns over invasive procedures and general anesthesia, the procedures themselves may cause some puzzlement. But when you bring your pet to North Central Animal Hospital, you can rest assured that we will answer your questions and ease your worries while providing your pet with the highest standards of care.

Dog at home with a cone, after pet surgery.

Understanding the World of Pet Surgery

When does surgery become a valid or even the preferred form of treatment? Some surgeries are responses to life-or-death situations. For instance, we might need to un-twist a twisted stomach, extract dangerous swallowed objects or urinary tract blockages, fix a fracture with metal screws and plates, or seal wounds that are causing major blood loss. A pet experiencing difficult labor might need a C-section to save mother and babies alike. Non-emergency procedures can also be lifesavers, such as surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. Still, other surgeries are meant to alleviate pain or improve everyday function. Dental surgery, for example, can remove a painful problem that impairs chewing, while orthopedic surgery can restore the use of a knee or hip.

Some surgeries are performed, not to treat problems, but to prevent those problems from ever occurring. Spay and neuter surgery is a perfect example. These forms of sexual sterilization remove the reproductive organs before they can fall prey to deadly, aggressive cancers.

Comprehensive Surgical Care from Your Phoenix Veterinarian

Whatever kind of surgery you may need, you'll be impressed with the thoroughness, compassion, and professionalism of each Phoenix veterinarian on our three-practitioner team. We will discuss the available surgical options with you, explaining exactly what we will do and how it can help your pet. We will check your pet's current health and determine what kind of anesthetic he should receive. General anesthetic is a must, not only to keep your pet from feeling pain but also to prevent him from squirming around. During the actual procedure, we will keep a constant eye on your pet to ensure that he's tolerating the anesthesia safely.

Our care doesn't end with the operation. We will serve as your advisors for his recovery, from prescribing painkillers and antibiotics to instructing you on how to monitor your pet's recovery. If your pet requires any additional care, we'll be happy to provide it.

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