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Spay & Neuter services with our Veterinarian in Phoenix

At North Central Animal Hospital, we offer spay and neuter services for dogs and cats. The decision to spay or neuter is a big one. To help you decide when it's the right time, and make you feel comfortable with your decision, our veterinarian in Phoenix has put together some advice for pet owners. 

cat and dog with A veterinarian in North Phoenix

What is Spay and Neuter Pet Surgery? 

A spay and neuter clinic in Phoenix provides neutering of male pets and spaying of female pets to reduce animal overpopulation and protect pet health. Female pets are less likely to develop uterine tumors after being spayed, while male pets are protected from testicular diseases. 

While the surgery is primarily done to protect your pet's health, there are behavioral benefits to getting your pet spayed or neutered. Female pets will not enter the heat cycle -- which has side effects of yowling and urinating all over the house -- when they are spayed. Male pets are less likely to be aggressive with other pets or try to escape the house when they are neutered. 

Spay and neuter surgeries cost less than the expense of birthing and raising a litter, and it's the right thing to do if you do not want to breed your pet. While our Phoenix veterinarian recommends spay and neuter, every situation is unique. There may be advantages to performing the surgery at an early age, or it may be better to wait if there is an extenuating circumstance. 

Why Visit a Phoenix Veterinarian for Spay and Neuter? 

Do you know why you should visit a vet rather than a spay and neuter clinic in Phoenix? Spay and neuter clinics do only spay and neuter surgeries that are routine. As a result, these clinics are generally not able to handle complex cases. If you want to make sure your pet's surgery goes well and has no unwanted side effects, whether the procedure is routine or complex, then you are better off going to a vet.

If your pet has an underlying health issue, the surgery has additional risks. It is highly important that you ensure a trusted veterinary professional, who understands the risks and how to avoid them, perform the surgery. A veterinarian can help prevent complications after the surgery by keeping the pet calm in recovery, and providing ample pain management before, during, and after the surgery. Veterinarians will also answer any questions and explain the ensure procedure, so you feel comfortable and know what to expect. 

Contact Our Veterinarian About Your Pet Today!

We are not just a spay and neuter clinic in Phoenix, we are a full-scale animal hospital in Phoenix here to care for dogs and cats of all ages. To schedule an appointment for pet surgery, or for anything else, please call us today or complete our online appointment request form. If you are a new patient of ours, you can take $10 off your pet's first visit!