Pet Wellness Care

Your children go to the pediatrician on a regular basis. You see your dentist twice a year. Your furry family members should have great preventive medical care just like everyone else. From the first time your puppy or kitten comes into your home, you should be planning its scheduled pet wellness exams in Phoenix. Kittens and puppies should have their first visit to our Phoenix animal hospital by the time they're eight weeks old, but that first visit will be more of an assessment of the animal's health and a way for you and our veterinarian to plan your pet's healthy future.

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Wellness Exams at North Central Animal Hospital

Beginning with the first visit, your pet's wellness exam will cover every part of its health, both inside and out. We'll begin by weighing and measuring your pet, making sure it's a healthy size for its age. We'll discuss your pet's daily behavior with you before moving on to a thorough physical examination. If you've been having concerns about your pet's behavior, this will be the time to discuss it with one of our veterinarians.

Dogs and cats need vaccinations throughout their lifetime to prevent them from contracting dangerous diseases. Beginning in their first few months, your pet will receive a series of vaccinations, spread out over the months in its first year. Adult dogs also need to be vaccinated annually, both for a series of basic vaccines and for other preventive medications it may need depending on its lifestyle.

Pet Wellness Plans in Phoenix

At North Central Animal Hospital, our Phoenix veterinarians offer comprehensive wellness plans for pets of every age. We include plans for puppies and kittens, adult dogs and cats, and even have plans to care for your senior pets and birds. Each plan includes a comprehensive list of everything your pet needs for a typical healthy year. It emphasizes preventive care to make sure your dog or cat has a lively and healthy lifestyle while keeping it disease free. It includes all needed vaccinations and treatments for parasites as well as recommended diagnostic screening tests. We offer a very low co-pay and tailor the plan to have 12 reasonable monthly payments.

Our pet wellness plan is the best way to eliminate worry for your pet. You'll have the peace of mind that all of your pet's needs have been cared for, and don't have to worry about whether you've scheduled all the necessary tests and treatments your pet needs each year.

Your pet's wellness exam is a crucial part of keeping them happy and healthy. To speak with a veterinarian in Phoenix about pet wellness plans, call North Central Animal Hospital at (602) 395-9773. We're here to care for your pet, now and for the rest of its life.


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