Spay And Neuter FAQ

Phoenix Veterinarian Answers Frequently Asked Questions about Spay and Neuter

Spay and neuter are types of surgery that prevent your pet from reproducing. A Phoenix veterinarian will spay female dogs and cats, and neuter male pets.phoenix veterinarian answers questions about spay and neuter surgery

What are the benefits of getting my pet fixed?

Getting your pet spayed or neutered, commonly referred to as having a pet “fixed,” prevents unwanted puppies or kittens. Caring for a litter of kittens or puppies can be expensive, and finding suitable homes for these young pets can sometimes be difficult.

Getting your pet fixed also has health and behavioral benefits for your cat or dog. A pet that has been spayed or neutered has a lower risk of certain diseases. Fixing your pet also reduces unwanted behaviors, such as roaming, howling, and aggression.

At what age should I have my pet fixed?

Because it is so important to spay or neuter your pets early, your kitten or puppy should undergo the procedure at about 6 months.

I heard it's best to let a female pet have a litter of kittens or puppies before being fixed. Is that true?

No. Your dog or cat has the best chance at good health if you get her spayed before her first litter. Early spaying reduces her chance of developing mammary tumors, uterine tumors or other health problems.

Can a female pet be spayed while pregnant?

A vet can spay a pregnant female to prevent the birth of the litter in some cases, depending on the stage of pregnancy and other factors.

Does spay or neuter surgery cause pain?

Your pet is fully anesthetized during spay or neuter surgery, so your dog or cat will not feel pain during the procedure. Your four-legged friend may experience some discomfort for a few days afterward, but pain management medication can help.

Will sterilization make my pet less affectionate?

Spay or neuter, also known as sterilization, will not make your pet less affectionate. In fact, your pet will calmer after the procedure and may even show you more affection than before.

Will my pet gain weight after spay or neuter surgery?

Metabolism does decrease for some spayed or neutered pets, and this may cause these pets to gain weight if they do not receive proper nutrition and exercise. To prevent weight gain in your pet, ask our veterinarians for help in determining how much food and exercise your pet should get every day.

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