Traveling with Pets? Better Get Your Pet a Health Certificate!

Traveling with Pets? Better Get Your Pet a Health Certificate from Your Phoenix Veterinarian 

You might love to venture to new places, or you may need to travel for business. You might feel bad leaving Fido at home and want him to share the experience with you. This requires planning that should begin with seeing your Phoenix veterinarian at North Central Animal Hospital.  get your pet a health certificate from your phoenix veterinarian

1. Most States and all Countries Require a Certificate 

A majority of states and countries require a health certificate from your veterinarian in Phoenix. Officials across the United States & in other Countries want to know your pet is healthy in order to protect their citizens, pets, & livestock. It's also a requirement to have your pet vaccinated against rabies, so you'll need proof in order to enter the country. Some locations have strict timelines & requirements to enter their state or country.  

2. Most Hotels Require it 

If you plan on staying in a hotel, condo or villa, the owner may require it to protect other patrons from developing a serious disease.  

3. All Airlines Require it  

It doesn't matter whether you fly Delta, American Airlines, Allegiant or Air Norway, all airlines require you have a health certificate for you pet to fly. This protects other individuals and animals if anything should happen as a result of your animal. Additionally, if something should happen to your pet on the flight that results from your pet's health, the airline doesn't want to be held accountable.  

4. Protects Your Pet 

Not every pet is able to fly or travel due to health reasons. For instance, if your pet has a health problem like an issue with heart function, you could find your pet suffering from a serious health complication from traveling. Also, some locations have different health concerns & reviewing vaccinations & preventive medications needed for those areas is critical to keeping your pet disease free & happy.

5. Protects You Legally  

Let's say your pet bites somebody; you're responsible. And if your pet should happen to have a zoonotic disease, your pet may infect the person and you could find a serious lawsuit on your hands. Our Phoenix animal hospital can detect and treat diseases or parasites. Then, our animal clinic will be able to certify that your pet has a clean bill of health.  

6. Accredited Veterinarians

Our Phoenix veterinarians have had special training & education and are federally USDA accredited to perform the task of detecting health concerns and issuing health certificates for pet travel.

Contact Our Phoenix Veterinarian Today!

If you're going to travel nationally or internationally, contact our Phoenix veterinarian at our animal hospital. Our animal clinic will give your pet a health certificate, so you can have a happy and safe voyage. Schedule an appointment with our Phoenix veterinarian by calling 602-395-9773 before you make your travel plans. We look forward to meeting with you!