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Welcome to our Yelp reviews! 

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Buster C.
Scottsdale, AZ

5.0 star rating  4/14/2019

Super great with my significant other and I's hedgehog. Very gentle with her and kind every time we've called or visited; even when we were late. I would recommend bringing your exotic pets here as they seem to care a lot about their knowledge on exotic animals, unlike most clinics that say they take exotic pets; we've been nothing but happy so far with our treatments for our lil spikey gal. Clean facility, as well!

Pamela F.
Phoenix, AZ

5.0 star rating    12/7/2018

I visited North Central Animal Hospital for the first time today with a very sick guinea pig. The thoroughness, kindness, compassion and knowledge of Dr. Frank was remarkable. She even took the time to recommend books for my son, to help him process the loss of a pet. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing a veterinarian.

Danielle R.
Avondale, AZ

5.0 star rating   8/25/2018

I was running late for my appointment and called , expecting them to have to reschedule.  Instead they said to come on in and they would work me in for my dog's vaccines if I was willing to be worked in. They had me in and out in about 25 minutes. Everyone was very nice and I would recommend this clinic to anyone, especially for the $5 rabies vaccine. Best value in town!

Mary K.
5.0 star rating  7/2/2018

What a great veterinary clinic! I was so happy to find doctors that specialized in small critters like my guinea pigs. The care that they have received here is phenomenal. They genuinely care about all of the animals and the front staff texts often to check on my pigs after their exams. I would definitely recommend north central animal hospital to anyone with special little pets!

Barbara R.
Phoenix, AZ
5.0 star rating  5/6/2018

I am so happy to have discovered N Central Animal Hospital after my dog got very sick on a Friday night. I was happy to find a normal vet that was open on the weekends! Everyone was so helpful. My dog was having trouble walking and the entire staff helped get us into a room and make my baby comfortable. The vet tech, Rochelle was amazing and a great bedside manner. Then the Vet, Dr. Thomas was wonderful too.  She walked us thru the possible diagnosis and answered all of my questions. We're going to make this our regular vet from now on!

J H.
Phoenix, AZ

5.0 star rating  3/27/2018

Before taking my pet to North Central Animal Hospital, I spent over a year taking my puppy to a vet who didn't know what they were doing. On the advice of a friend, I decided to try North Central Animal Hospital. Thanks to the knowledgeable staff, my puppy's issues have been solved and he is doing much better.  

On my first visit, I did have a long wait, but the staff explained to me that there had been an unexpected emergency and they would be with me as soon as they could. They were very apologetic and because the reason was explained to me, I had no issue with waiting.  

When I saw the doctor, she took her time examining my puppy and asked questions about his past health and treatment. She listened to any issues and concerns I had and addressed them appropriately. The tech who assisted was very friendly and took the time to explain all treatment options and prices. The pricing was appropriate and I never once felt like I was being bamboozled. Treatment options were presented to me in a clear and well-understood manner. My pet received the treatment he needed along with some routine vaccinations and medications. After the visit was over, the staff kept in touch by sending texts to check up on my puppy and making phone calls to discuss lab results.  

I wasted a lot of time and money with a previous clinic trying to figure out what was wrong with my pet and the staff at North Central Animal Hospital fixed his problem in one visit. 

I am so relieved and thankful that he is doing better and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their services to family and friends looking for a dependable place to treat their pet.

Adriana R.
5.0 star rating    2/26/2018

Wanted to thank the Dr. for all of her help on Saturday with our Green-cheek Amazon Parrot "Chuche". Chuche was in pain and the Dr. helped in so many ways! Just her attention alone made us feel like if we had been going to this clinic for years. I'm glad to say our parrot is doing so much better and up and about like usual. The staff was phenomenal! We have found our perfect Avian Vet! Thank you once again! 

GaBe M.
Fruitland Acres, Phoenix, AZ

5.0 star rating  2/18/2018

My puppy was very sick and this was the third vet office I had gone to in one day. I was already thinking it was going to be another horrible experience until the customer service started the minute we walked in. The whole staff was professional, friendly and caring. The visit was quicker than other vets I've been to and my puppy was already looking much better after getting some fluids in him.

Raymundo V.
Phoenix, AZ

5.0 star rating   12/15/2017

When my dog had puppies and I was looking for a vet for the new born puppies to get checked and have all their shots given, the staff is very friendly and kind with the puppies every time I take them for a check up. I feel very comfortable knowing my puppies are in good hands and won't be worried if they will be unattended at any time of the day.

Bethany B.

Scottsdale, AZ

 5.0 star rating    6/9/2017

The staff at NCAH have been phenomenal. I needed a low cost but reliable solution to update my FELV+ cat's rabies shot. The phone etiquette was professional and easy and the treatment was quick with no negative reactions. They even followed up with a phone call to make sure all was well! Very pleased!

Anna H.
Phoenix, AZ

5.0 star rating   3/4/2017

North Central Animal Hospital is our "other" family Doctor.  We trust the care of our beloved 4 legged family members to them and have received the best care possible.  They take great care of them and I trust them completely.

Michelle S.
Phoenix, AZ

5.0 star rating     2/26/2017

I took my sugar glider in for a visit they were very thorough in checking him out!!! They were very caring in the details of his symptoms!!! My glider had bright red blood droppings in his cage!! When I took him into the vet there was a ferret who shot my glider a scent blast when in return my glider dropped his scent gland fluid it was clear!! His urnine was fine some of the time and others wasn't sure it was brownish!!! It is very mysterious what is going on with him so the vet sent me home with some antibotics and to bring him back if needed or a followup checkup!!! My glider looks good so this is really a mystery really satisified in sending me home antibotics in case of urine infection or something!!! Alot of vet don't take the time to know your animal and if they don't know dismiss it and you come back with a very sick animal!! When glider get sick it can be instant deadly so caring to send him home with antibotics and me keeping a close eye on him!!! I really liked the genuine concern the vet had in treating my glider!!!

S C.
5.0 star rating   2/7/2017

I took my dog there as an emergency visit after he had stepped on some cholla and I found it in his mouth. They were prompt to get me in and take care of my furry child. It's always important to trust who you leave your animal with, and I felt very comfortable with North Central Animal Hospital.

Danielle E.
Phoenix, AZ

5.0 star rating     1/7/2017

DMV Ivy & her techs were very affectionate to my dog. Didn't gouge me on prices either, they gave me alternatives on getting Polar's arthritis chews than in house & his other script. I showed them a lump on him and they said it seemed fatty and not to worry about it rather than jump on the opportunity to push more tests. Will be returning.

Sabrina L.
5.0 star rating     12/28/2016

Great service! My boyfriend and I brought our ferret there and everyone was extremely nice and helpful. They answered all of our questions and concerns and I will definitely be returning with our little furry friend.

A P.
Phoenix, AZ

5.0 star rating    12/13/2016

I've been bringing my dogs here for quite a few years now. They have the best price for the rabies vaccine than anywhere else I've gone. They're always super friendly and let me know things that are wrong with my pups that I may have overlooked. My one dog is super nervous and they really handle it professionally.  

I told someone about their cheap rabies vaccine and was surprised to find that when I went in the next time they had given me a $10 credit just for referring people to them. I ended up not having to pay for my visit that day. They also don't charge an office visit if you're just getting vaccinations.  

I highly recommend them if you're looking for quality vet care at affordable prices.

Sharon McCairns M.
Phoenix, AZ

5.0 star rating  10/24/2016

After not using North Central Animal for more than 20 yrs,  we decided to take our 10+ yr old border collie there.  After calling, we got an appointment in a couple of hours.  They worked within my budget.  They have called every day since seeing her.  The staff here is very caring,

Kimberly L.
Mesa, AZ

5.0 star rating   8/14/2016   Updated review

Part Two 8/14/16  (4stars)- Took the boys (kittens) yesterday for their Final shot, & had the "exam".  Met with Vet Tech Dave, first, who was great! Very Welcoming and helpful.  Next was the the Vet Dr. Ivy Thomas, who was also very friendly giving the boys a clean bill of health!! :)  I was appreciative that she took to the time to answer my list of questions (being a new kitty owner again), and provided helpful guidelines & suggestions in raising them to be healthy.  Like how important pet dental care is & brushing their teeth. :D 

Part One 8/12/16, (3stars):  Recently acquired 2 new kittens from a friend who found a litter in her yard & took care of them. She recommended NCAS, being a frequent patron w/their other pets. Since this is where she took kittens for First set of shots before giving to me, I decided to continue the shots w/them  & when I took them for the 2nd shot (last month) first time, I was a little disappointed I didn't get to go back w/them & meet the vet, not knowing i had just a "vaccination" appointment.  Anyway, the girls at the desk were friendly & explained everything to me. When the Vet Assistant brought out the cats, she was very nice & took the time to answer a couple questions for me...I had a huge list, since it had been 20yrs since I owned a pet, LOL I haven't met any of the Vet's yet for an "Exam" appointment ;) ...but the staff was very helpful & friendly.

Rachel D.
Scottsdale, AZ

5.0 star rating  9/3/2016

Really helpful techs and vet. Managed to get my dog in on short notice when he was sick. Very convenient since they are open on weekend. If you have a problem when they are closed they call you back as soon as they open. Would recommend for anyone with pets that don't have time during the week for a vet visit.

Dan S.
Phoenix, AZ

5.0 star rating  7/15/2016

Very friendly staff, quick wait and really caring! Love it there and will definitely keep going for my pet's needs, vaccinations and check ups!

Stacey C.
Glendale, AZ

5.0 star rating7/13/2016

Dr. Frank is amazing with animals. We had our first visit last week and my Lovebird is already improving day by day with the information and medication given to us by the helpful staff here at North Central Animal Hospital. Not only are they helpful but the office hours are a big plus being open on the weekends really helps. Thank You Dr. Frank!

Nikole M.
Phoenix, AZ
5.0 star rating    1/18/2016

I've been taking my dog to North Central for almost 2 years and we both love them. They are attentive, the doctors and assistants explain the procedures and fees before so you're not leaving and panicking when you get to the counter. I love the urgent center... My dog was pooping blood, I called and they got him in right away. Yeah there's a fee, but my dogs life is worth it. Everyone there is super professional and I've never had to wait long.  

Ignore the negative Yelp comments. If you google this business you will see the 100+ of positive comments for North Central Animal Hospital.

Neil Y.
Phoenix, AZ

5.0 star rating     10/24/2015

The receptionists were very friendly.  The assistant and the doctor were very careful with my elderly dog.  They provided a thorough exam and several revommendations.  I recommend this clinic for those looking for compassionate care!

Cheryl M.
Phoenix, AZ

5.0 star rating     10/18/2015

Our 6 mo old puppy came down with Parvo. We didn't have a vet established as we recently moved to the area. I called and they sqeezed us in as an emergency appointment. After testing they determined he had Parvo and provided me with all the options. I called around to the emergency clinics as I at first thought I was going to have him hospitalized, but the cost was anywhere from 1500-2000 per day. In tears I called them back and they brought me back in and provided me with the medicine and fluids to treat our pup at home myself. The puppy has recovered and the staff is very friendly, nice and helpful. It's a smaller clinic and you get the attention and interaction you need when dealing with a furry or feathery family member. Highly recommend.

Alyssa A. 
Sun City, AZ

5.0 star rating   9/24/2015

My parents were out of town and I went to check on their tortoises and noticed one had a very runny nose. I was concerned as she is old. It was a Sunday and North Central Animal Clinic was open and scheduled me an appointment.  I was given instructions on how to give the antibiotic injections every 2 days, everyone we encountered was friendly.  

Aj P.
Chandler, AZ

5.0 star rating  2/24/2015

Dr. Frank is the most compassionate doctor for man or beast that I have ever met.

I say only four stars, though, because of the waits. They did not bother me, but they might bother some.

But if the time my little Birdie and I spent with Dr. Frank is any indication, I would imagine things get slowed up only because she is seeing to people's needs, and those of their pets.

She spent as much time with me as I needed when we had to put Birdie down, and I never felt rushed or harried. Their methods are gentle, and humane.

Thank you, North Central. Thank you, Dr. Frank.