Expert Bird Grooming in Phoenix

Expert Bird Grooming in Phoenix

To properly groom your bird takes planning and the necessary skill to do so. If you are an experienced bird owner or a bird specialist, you may be perfectly comfortable doing the job yourself, but if you’ve never groomed a bird before, it’s best to let our expert veterinarian at North Central Animal Hospital, do the job.

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How Often Should My Bird Be Groomed

Not only does grooming make for a more comfortable pet, it also gives us, your Phoenix veterinarian, an opportunity to check out his overall health. Birds are notorious for hiding their symptoms, so grooming visits every three to four months help promote good health.

Bringing Your Bird for Grooming

It’s a good idea to have a small carry-case for your bird for easy transport to North Central Animal Hospital in Phoenix as well as for protection. Use your usual procedure for getting him to come to you. If you have a cage-bound bird, try covering him with a towel before removing him from his cage.

Trimming Nails

A bird’s nails grow in an arc and can become very sharp if not trimmed regularly. You know it’s time for a trim when the nail has grown so as long that it actually raises her foot off the surface. If you decide to trim them yourself, the most effective tool is a standard nail clipper. Make a blunt snip to just remove the sharp point. Be careful not to cut too short, or you will injure the area containing blood vessels, which can cause your bird to bleed.

Trimming the Beak

Most birds rarely need to have their beaks trimmed, but if they do, it’s generally because of some trauma or a genetic defect if noted since young.  If your bird's beak is growing long or irregular after years of being normal, a medical problem is likely the cause & this needs to be addressed at the same time. Trimming the beak is best left for our veterinarian pros who perform premier bird grooming in Phoenix.

Trimming Wings

Trimming your bird’s wings is important because it keeps him home and safe by limiting the height and distance he can fly. However, this is a delicate process, and it’s easy to injure the bird if it’s not done properly.

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