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North Central Animal Hospital Treats Many Conditions

Over a lifetime, pets can develop health conditions that undermine their health or impact their normal function. Your veterinarian is your partner in maintaining your pet’s health, so you can both enjoy life together to the fullest. At North Central Animal Hospital in Phoenix, AZ, we provide treatment for a variety of pet health conditions.

North Central Animal Hospital Treats Many Conditions

Eye and Ear Problems

Eye injuries, infections, and abnormalities are a common problem that your Phoenix vet can help to fix. Ear problems, such as injury, infection, and ear mites can be treated effectively with a number of veterinary medications.

Skin Problems

Pets occasionally develop skin issues, such as redness, inflammation, lesions, or itching. Your vet can pinpoint the underlying problem and administer appropriate treatment, whether the issue is infection, contact with harsh substances, or allergies.

Gastrointestinal Issues

Sudden bouts of vomiting, diarrhea, and constipation are common in pets. In most cases, the problem is a minor one that can be cleared up with medication. However, occasionally these symptoms can signal a more serious issue and your vet can help find the cause. Medications can be helpful, but in some cases, surgery may be necessary.

Dental Problems

Your vet can also help with retained baby teeth, broken teeth, decayed teeth, or gum problems. We also provide teeth cleaning.

Orthopedic Issues

Both cats and dogs can sustain broken bones that may require casting or surgery. In addition, some breeds of dog may be susceptible to elbow or hip dysplasia that may require surgery for stabilization. Luxating patellas is a problem in smaller dogs and can benefit from surgical intervention.

Metabolic and Endocrine System Problems

Pets may develop diabetes, thyroid problems, or endocrine system disorders that require regular medication to help them maintain good health and function.

Urgent Care/Emergency Pet Care

We also provide urgent care for those sudden illnesses that sometimes occur in pets. If your pet is involved in an accident or fight with another animal, we can provide emergency care.


Your vet in Phoenix can also investigate unusual lumps and bumps that may be cancer. Surgery, chemotherapy, and medication may be necessary to help pets maintain comfort and function.

Make North Central Animal Hospital Your Veterinarian in Phoenix

Dr. Frank's experience in veterinary medicine provides compassionate care for animals in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas. Her facility offers many services, including exams, wellness care, preventative care, diagnostics, surgery, dentistry, microchipping, boarding, and grooming.

Call North Central Animal Hospital today at (602) 395-9773 for an appointment to have your pet checked by our skilled veterinarians and to learn about the many health conditions we can treat.


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