Advanced Animal Surgery

At North Central Animal Hospital, we are your full service Phoenix area veterinarian. Whether your pet needs a wellness exam, annual vaccinations, management of chronic conditions and medication refills, diagnostics, or surgery, we can do it all for you right here at our office.Doctor with a dog in Phoenix, AZ

One of the services we are proud to offer is advanced surgery for animals of all kinds, even birds. In fact, our own Dr. Frank is an avian specialist. When you come to us with an animal who needs pet surgery, these are the types of procedures we perform:

  • Mass removals--Not all masses are cancerous, but they all should be removed if at all possible. A large number of masses that are common to animals are simply fatty deposits in places where they should not be, or cysts. Some masses that are more dangerous can look or feel just like harmless fat or cysts and need to be removed and tested. Whether these masses are internal or external, and whether they require general or local anesthesia to remove, we can remove them expertly and leave your pet looking and feeling better than ever.

  • Exploratory surgery--If we are determining the cause for your pet’s illness or abdominal pain, aren't quite sure what is going on with your pet, we may recommend exploratory surgery. This is an a surgical exploration, usually with a small incision and a tube with a camera on it, that allows us to look inside your pet to determine the issue and how best to approach treating it. In some cases, the problem can be fixed, or we can at least assess how much of the body is affected by the disease.  Biopsy samples or removing a foreign body are common treatments done.

  • Bladder surgery--There are some animals that are more susceptible to bladder issues than others. Cats,dogs, and rabbits are among these animals. Luckily, we are a recognized rabbit veterinarian in the area, and have extensive experience working with them, as well as cats and dogs. We can take care of any bladder issue your pet is having,whether with surgery, medication, or both of them. 

  • Bladder stone removal--Animals, like people, can get bladder stones. These stones can block the animal from releasing urine, and are quite serious if they become big enough to do this, or are positioned in such a way that they block urine release. They also are a cause for persistent or recurrent bladder infections. We remove bladder stones from animals of all types on a regular basis.

  • Spay and Neuter (Complicated and Routine)– Some pets that have not been spayed or neutered before a year of age can have serious complications such as pyometra (infected uterus), adhesions, tumors, or are cryptorchid (undescended testicles). Abdominal wall hernias or perianal tumors can be repaired or removed at the same surgery.  We have advanced training and equipment to deal with these complicated cases. Your pet gets individual attention and will not be treated as one of 30-50 pets in assembly line clinics.

  • Advanced dental surgeries (including extractions and reconstructions)--Whether your pet needs their teeth cleaned under general anesthesia, or needs extractions or oral reconstruction, we are experienced in performing these procedures. We have a special interest in dental care and have obtained additional training, skills, and equipment to help your pet dog, cat, rabbit or guinea pig with their teeth.

  • Oral nasal fistula repair--A pet with an unnatural opening between the oral and nasal cavity has an oral nasal fistula. This is most commonly caused by severe periodontal disease of the upper canine teeth. It can cause chronic sneezing, sinus dripping, aspiration pneumonia, and other issues. We expertly repair and heal these things to make your pet happy and pain free.

  • Entropion--We repair this genetic condition that causes a pet's eyelid to fold upward or inward, leaving your pet much more comfortable without the painful irritation and long term damage to their cornea. 

  • And so very much more

If your pet needs surgery, or if you would like to make a consultation appointment to determine if surgery is necessary for your pet, please contact our office at:

20 W. Dunlap Ave.

Phoenix, AZ  85021

(602) 395-9773

Remember, we are your Phoenix veterinarian, and we serve the Scottsdale area, as well. Dr. Frank  is the only bird veterinarian in Phoenix who specializes in avian care. You can trust all of your pets to us at North Central Animal Hospital. We are waiting to hear from you and ready to become your veterinarian of choice.


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