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Caring for Your Pet Bird

Routine care for birds.

Dr. Frank was the first Avian Specialist in Arizona, and one of only three veterinary bird specialists statewide.  Routine care saves money & improves pet comfort for your feathery friends in Phoenix. 

Routine Bird Care (Parrots)

  • Vet Exam Every Year
  • Basic Testing
  • Pellet Diet (80%)
  • Foraging & Flying
  • Positive Reinforcement 
  • Grooming every 3-4 months

Signs of a Very Sick Bird

  • Fluffed
  • Less active or weak
  • Less stools in droppings
  • Breathing hard
    These all need emergency care!

Psittacosis (Chlamydiosis) 

  • Respiratory or Intestinal signs
  • Test after purchase of if sick
  • Flu-like symptoms in people

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New Bird

Keep separate in quarantine until examined by a veterinarian and tested for contagious diseases.

More Information

Call us at (602) 395-9773 to schedule your pet bird's next appointment.

Caring for Your Pet Bird