Pet Dermatology

You want nothing more than for your pet to be happy and healthy -- but this simple goal can be threatened by a variety of common skin problems and conditions. When your pet suffers from a rash, constantly scratches or licks his skin, displays patches of hair loss or otherwise demonstrates a skin issue, you'll be glad North Central Animal Hospital in on your side. Our Phoenix clinic is proud to provide expert dermatology services that can ease your pet's discomfort and restore his skin to health.

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Common Skin Irritations and Related Problems

Your pet's skin faces more everyday threats than you might realize, especially, if he spends at least some of his time outdoors. Skin problems are therefore quite a common affliction. Let's take a look at some common examples:

  • Skin Irritation - A skin irritation may be irritated by a variety of external stimuli, from plants such as poison oak to cuts or other injuries. If your pet scratches at the irritation, bacteria may enter the broken skin and make things even worse.
  • Rash - A rash may be caused by external irritants (including corrosive chemicals and harsh shampoos) or internal problems such as allergies. A rash may develop into a painful "hot spot" if your pet insists on licking it.
  • Allergies - Skin problems may occur due to any number of allergies. In addition to the molds, grasses, and airborne pollutants that often cause allergic skin problems, your pet may develop lesions or rashes caused by a food allergy.
  • Hair Loss - Some skin conditions are accompanied by hair loss. A mite infestation known as sarcoptic mange can cause your pet to develop bald patches. Ring-shaped patches of hair loss are associated with a fungal issue known as ringworm.

Solutions from Our Phoenix Veterinary Team

Trust our Phoenix veterinary team to help your beloved pet overcome his skin disease or disorder. We can provide a number of treatments to soothe irritation, repair damage, address allergic reactions, and get rid of infestations. Your pet may benefit from:

  • Soothing medicated shampoos as part of our pet bathing and grooming services
  • Anti-allergy medications such as antihistamines or steroids
  • Flea and tick treatments and preventative programs
  • Diagnosis of food allergies and treatment with specialized dietary recommendations
  • Anti-fungal medications to combat ringworm
  • Antibiotics to clear up an infection

Schedule Skin Treatment for Your Pet Today

Don't let your Phoenix pet suffer any longer than necessary from that painful or itchy skin problem. Call North Central Animal Hospital today at (602) 395-9773 to schedule the skin treatment he needs!


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