Digital Ultrasound

North Central Animal Hospital Offer Digital Ultrasound Diagnosis

Among the many technologies used in veterinary medicine today is the digital ultrasound, which allows veterinarians to view images of internal organs and tissue, without having to do invasive surgery. At North Central Animal Hospital in Phoenix, AZ, we offer this technology to help diagnose illness and injury for better veterinary care.

Dog getting an ultra sound

What Is Digital Ultrasound?

Digital ultrasound is a technology that uses sonography to create images of structures inside the body. The device uses a transducer that is passed over the outside of the body, using sound waves that are then sent to a computer. The computer translates the waves into a visual image of organs and tissues. The vet can then evaluate the images, to detect abnormalities caused by injury or disease.

Conditions Digital Ultrasound Can Detect

The use of digital ultrasound has facilitated the viewing of internal tissues to help a wide variety of veterinary problems. Complicated pregnancy and labor problems can be seen at an earlier time to allow proper intervention. Internal injuries can be addressed more accurately, allowing more timely surgery. Tumors of the kidneys, liver or gastrointestinal system can be found more quickly. Abnormalities of the heart can be better understood and treated. Blockages in the intestines can be located and removed. Digital ultrasound for diagnosis has provided better care and more successful outcomes for animals since its introduction into veterinary medicine.

What Happens During A Digital Ultrasound For My Pet?

Depending on the suspected problem, your veterinarian may advise putting your pet under anesthesia in order to have him remain still and to position the body during the ultrasound procedure. The vet then passes the transducer over the part of the body where a problem is suspected and sees the image produced on a screen. This image can then be carefully analyzed to determine any abnormalities. Using the digital image and other tests, your veterinarian in Phoenix can then make an informed diagnosis of the problem.

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