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5-Step Method to Choose

Our Wellness Plans help spread the cost of the expected annual needs of your pet into affordable monthly payments.  The cost of advanced medical care and surgery has increased significantly over the years.  What will you do if your pet has an illness or injury?

Do you have Care Credit or other credit cards to cover the cost?

Do you have a savings account for your pet?

We recommend evaluating the following 4 insurance companies, as they currently have only annual deductibles (not per problem) and cover examination fees.

Choosing a Company – 5-Step Method

  1. Get a quote
    • Select a Custom policy
    • Choose one with NO wellness coverage
    • Modify selections to make the premium range fit your budget (typical goal is $30-45/month)
    • Choose the highest annual maximum payout, the lowest annual deductible, and the lowest copay to still fit your premium in the budget.
  2. Read reviews
  3. Read a sample policy
    • Check the fine print
  4. Call/Email company with questions
    • Assess customer service
    • Ensure all questions are answered
  5. Choose a company
    • Hopefully, your pet will never have a serious problem!
    • Use preventive care to avoid serious health issues.
    • Request a medical history review to clarify your coverage and see what is considered pre-existing.

Are You Prepared with Pet Health Insurance? Here is some useful information!