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Older Dog Wellness Care at North Central Animal Hospital

In an ideal world, your dog would age at the same rate that you do so you could both enjoy many decades together. Unfortunately, dogs age much faster than humans, so your beloved canine may become a senior citizen in what seems like the blink of an eye. The good news is that your older dog can continue to enjoy optimal health and wellness, thanks to the exams, treatments, and recommendations provided by North Central Animal Hospital in Phoenix.


Why Older Dogs Have Special Veterinary Needs

You'll find that different breeds of dogs reach their geriatric years at different speeds. Larger dogs such as Great Danes, for example, may be considered geriatric after the age of 5, while the tiny "toy" breeds may only reach this age at the age of 10 or later. The majority of breeds reach their senior years around the age of 7.

As your dog gets older, he becomes more vulnerable to certain kinds of ailments, just as humans do in their senior years. Some of these ailments may take the form of musculoskeletal problems such as arthritis, while others may include diseases ranging from cancer and organ dysfunction to vision issues such as cataracts. Hearing and cognitive function may decline, and some dogs may become incontinent, if only because they can't move outdoors quickly enough to do their business in the usual places. Other problems that tend to grow worse with age include periodontal disease and obesity, which in turn raises risks for diabetes, heart disease, and other serious problems.

Wellness Exams and Recommendations at Our Phoenix Pet Clinic

Our Phoenix pet clinic can detect age-related health problems through our senior dog wellness exams. These twice-yearly exams include comprehensive lab testing to check for cancer, diabetes, kidney failure, thyroid dysfunction, and other conditions. We also check your dog's vital signs, weight, dental health, vision, hearing, reactions, and mobility. The earlier we identify health problems, the more effectively we can treat them.

If your dog suffers from age-related health challenges, we can prescribe the right mix of treatments to help him enjoy life to the fullest. Arthritic dogs may benefit from a combination of anti-inflammatory drugs, light exercise, and a diet to help shed unneeded pounds. We can also prescribe specialized diets to help with other ailments. Our team can even advise you on lifestyle modifications you can make to help your pet get around more easily and comfortably.

Need a Veterinarian for Older Dog Wellness Issues?

If you need a veterinarian for older dog wellness issues, we can help. Call North Central Animal Hospital at (602) 395-9773!


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